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Asset Tracking

GPS Tracking, Asset Tracking, Dashcam, Fleet Solution

Explore FL360 

Get Visibility to Your Fleet

and Drivers 24/7

Get the leading IoT solution for location information, analytics, and actionable insights on your assets and drivers in real time. Use comprehensive data to increase dispatch efficiencies, reduce vehicle misuse, improve customer service, and drive revenue. Our FL360 is a modular GPS tracking device that supports all vehicle types. It can be easily installed as a plug-and-play option, or as a covert installation.

FL 360

Reliable Fleet GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times. Locate your vehicles on demand. See breadcrumb trails. Setup geofences and landmarks. Generate and schedule automatic reports all from our cloud-based UI. Visibility on the go is also available to fleet managers via our FleetLocate Periscope app.

Driving Behavior

Driver Behavior Alerts & Monitoring

Identify and reduce risky and costly driver behaviors, such as speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling to lower insurance costs and fuel consumption

Engine Diagnostic

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Receive vehicle maintenance alerts so you can get ahead of vehicle service and avoid downtime. Maintain a healthy fleet through alerts triggered by engine fault codes.

Fleet Manager

Advanced Vehicle Data

Get added fleet intelligence with FL360 advanced. See true odometer, true engine hours, engine diagnostics, engine oil life, fuel level, seatbelt status, and more.

Track Any Trailer

Track any asset type including containers, chassis, flatbeds, tankers, reefers, and converter dollies. Data can be viewed via Spireon’s FleetLocate UI, integrated into your company API for ease of use, or through our driver app, TrailerView, which allows drivers to see their location as well as the trailer’s. A variety of configurations are available for your specific needs including composite nose dry van / sheet & post, tethered / untethered installations, and battery / solar powered devices.

Trailer Tracking

Flex Product Suite:
Modular Trailer & Asset Tracking

Flex 2 is a covert, modular GPS tracking solution designed for a variety of trailer types including dry-vans, chassis, flatbeds, liftgates, reefers, and tankers.

Flex™ 2+ is a Solar Powered GPS Tracking Device with All-In-One Integrated Cargo Sensor Option.
Get the powerful and customizable benefits of the Flex 2, with a built-in solar power panel to extend the life of your device. For ultimate trailer optimization, get the all-in-one Flex 2+, which has an integrated cargo sensor that utilizes the industry’s only combination of time-of-flight laser and optical recognition. Track your assets and have 99% confidence whether your trailer is loaded or unloaded.

Flex Product Suite

Full Suite of Smart Sensor Add-Ons

Customize your trailer tracking solutions with various wired and wireless sensors including door sensor, IntelliScan cargo sensor, PSI ATIS, PSI TMPS, and temperature probe.

Asset Tracking

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