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Dashcam technology can enable your fleet to be confident on the road, and fleet managers to be confident at the office. Help reduce your liability if an incident occurs, with our dual facing camera solution, where you can achieve a full view of what is happening on the road and in the cabin in real-time. Start saving time and money by protecting your drivers, maximizing efficiency, and providing better customer service.

Full Visibility with FL Dashcam

Dashcam View

Reduce Liability Risk

Motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity.1 Firsthand video evidence can be used to mitigate risk with data around accidents and theft, as well as protect against fraudulent claims

Dual view Dash Cam

Encourage Safe Driving

Distracted driving causes an estimated 400,000 injuries per year.2  Your drivers will drive more cautiously knowing they are being recorded.  Automatic alerts will also notify them of any risky driving behavior to keep them attentive.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Some insurers recognize the benefits of a dashcam and can lower your insurance premium.

Reduce Cost of Claims

One customer saw a savings of $20K in the first two months of implementation.



Real-Time Driver Training

Become a proactive fleet with our FleetLocate Dashcam solution. Built with state of the art AI technology, our dashcam solution detects unbelted drivers, cell phone usage, eating, drinking, smoking, and other driver distraction events. Audio and visual warning signals pop up, alerting the driver to refocus on the road.  A 10 second video clip is also sent to the cloud for managers to review.

Reward Good Driving Behavior

Rewarding good driving behavior is just as important as coaching unwanted driving behavior. Dashcam solutions can make it easier for you to roll out an incentive program for your safe drivers so you are able to retain them.

Video Evidence

If an event occurs, know that you have the complete picture of what happened. Use the video footage to exonerate drivers from claims or support your driver in disputes.

Quick Installation

Easy 10-minute installation with multiple power options. Easy to follow user guide is included. Professional Installation is alo available upon request.

Cost Effective

For about the cost of a gallon of fuel per day, each vehicle in your fleet can shield your company from costly litigation and down time by deploying our advanced Dashcam, GPS, and Two-Way Radio solutions with very little upfront cost. 


Special Offer

Get started when you add a Dashcam to your existing service or getting started for the first time.  All packages include GPS Tracking with 2 Minute updates, Driving Behavior Report Card, Fleet Maintenenace Management, and Live Dashcam with cloud based recording.


* 36 month agreement required. Contact for details.

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