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Product Spotlight

DCCI has Partnered with Greg Budell on News Talk 93.1 WCOV in Montgomery AL to share our Products and Services with area businesses. Below are the articles that compliment each segment. 

Track-it Thursday

Track it Thursday: Tracking the assets that help you run your business will allow you the opportunity to save money, run more efficiency, and increase safety. Tracking vehicles with a driver behavior report saves on wear and tear, additional mileage, and helps improve driving behaviors making employees safer on the roads. Tracking other assets such as trailers, tractors, zero turn mowers etc allow you to know where they are, how to find them if they are missing, and how much you utilize that piece of equipment. Give us a call to learn more about tracking the tools that help your business. 334-780-1112 or visit facebook.com/dccicomm 

Air Date 1/14/2021

Wireless Wednesday 

Hiring employees is probably your biggest investment. Companies spend untold amounts of money investing in their employees through training, tools, and equipment. Most businesses that are not using two-way radios today, rely solely on smart phones. Smart Phones seem like the perfect solution. Telephone, Email, Text Messages all in one. This is great. Until they get sidetracked with a Facebook alert, or video chat, or maybe even their favorite game. Communications begin to break down because it is not instant. You send a work order and its accepted, but you don’t really know what the status of that work order is without actually talking to a technician. They may be busy and can’t answer their phone because they are on a job and can’t get their phone out of their pocket or holster in time. All problems can be solved with the touch of a button. Two Way radios are worn as part of a companies uniforms and / or installed in trucks to give employees access to the home base with the push of a button. The workday can keep trucking along and report when they’re on site, Report when they’re complete and on to the next job and can warn of traffic and things that may make them late to their next appointment. Now your office knows the status of each employee out in the field and can provide better customer service by always knowing the status of each repair job. There are lots of rugged accessories such as Speaker Mics comfortable earpieces to make the radios easy to use for any industry.

Air Date 1/13/2021

Two-Way Tuesday

Two-Way Radio increases a company's ability to become more efficient with instant communications. Major two-way Radio manufaturers conducted a study and found that a group of 3 employees can do the work of 4 with the help two-way radios. There are a number of options when it comes to two way radios. So which options works best for your team? It's simple. A no obligations consultation will allow the team at DCCI to understand how your business operates. We can look at the location of your team members and how they operate to tailor a solution that fits your needs. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can improve your company's communications today. 334-780-1112 or visit our website www.dccicomm.com

Air Date 1/12/2021

Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday: Does your business have employees on the move? Technicians, Delivery Drivers, Sales Consultants and more can all take advantage of our LTE Radios. Instant Communications at the touch of a button. Communicate to one person or your entire team with LTE Radios. Portable units stay on your personnel at all times. These radios can be enhanced with an ear piece or speaker mic for ease of use. We also have mobile units that can be installed in your vehicle. The mobile units can be used with a Bluetooth speaker mic to extend the range of communication with your team. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can improve your company's communications today. 334-780-1112 or visit our website www.dccicomm.com.

Air Date 1/11/2021