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Here you will find resources to start service, make changes to services, gain more information, or download resrouces for products you've purchased. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out for assistance.  We're always here to help at DCCI.

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Fleet Map: PDF to print and complete.

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Download the Subscriber Application.  Once completed, submit with a copy of your photo ID, and we will get your order processed immediately. Download HERE


Below are links to download the Diga-Talk+ App for Android, iOS, and Dispatch Console.  Simply Click name of the download you are looking for and you're ready to begin.

App / Software Download

Android                iOS App Store            Dispatch Console

Mobile Installation Guides

DTP-8750        DTP-8900

Radio User Manuals

DTP-9650      DTP-9750      DTP-8900

DCCI partnered with Diga-Talk+ as a reseller to offer our businesses the best in Nationwide PTT service.  This means you can talk to your fleet with the push of a button anywhere in the country.  Below we have a few FAQ's to gain more insite to this wonderful partnership.

Q: How long has Diga-Talk+ been around? How many subscribers are currently online?
A: Diga-Talk+ went online in August of 2017 after almost 6 months of testing. Since then, thousands of subscribers have been activated.

Q: How does Diga-Talk+ work?
A: Diga-Talk+ uses 4G LTE cellular connectivity to provide a secure line of Push to Talk communications for its end users. A flexible server platform allows us to handle all the basics required for general communications as well as enhanced features like cross-fleet conversations. Redundant servers, strategically placed at the nation’s largest data centers, ensure solid uptime for your team.

Q: What is the range of coverage?
A: Diga-Talk+ uses 4G LTE cellular with AT&T Data. This mean you will get nationwide coverge in areas that offer AT&T service.

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